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For businesses that focus on products and consumer goods, it’s necessary to provide captivating visuals in order to make their products reality. VN Vision has over 8 years of experience with 3D Studio Max modeling software. We can translate your sketches or drawings into a 3D model, photo-realistic rendering or a printed model.

Service options

3D Visualization

This is the key step between creating and manufacturing. We will capture your idea in a detailed render image for you to see how your idea comes to life. Technical drawing is a possible addition to your build department.

3D printing

Modeling for 3D printing requires a different method than the previously mentioned discipline. We can model from concept images or copy existing objects. We support you through the whole process from the initial idea to the printed object.

3D-2D fusion

Demonstrating photo realistic imagery of products in combination of already existing images for a better visual purpose not just showing the product itself but highlight compatibility with reality.

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Some of our works

Asztalos Design

3D Visualisation


3D model & printing

Maviele Design

3D Visual - Fendi Outdoor