Corporate image explained

Corporate identity is the set of multi-sensory elements that communicate a visual statement about the brand to the costumers. These elements include but are not limited to company name, logo, slogan, décor, uniforms, company colors. Corporate Identity is either weak or strong; to understand this concept, it is beneficial to consider exactly what constitutes a strong corporate identity.

The four key brand requirements for a successful corporate identity:
(source – Wikipedia)

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    In today’s highly competitive market, brands need to have a clear distinction or reason for being. What they represent needs to stand apart from others in order to be noticed, make an impression, and to ultimately be preferred.

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    To assure credibility with their audiences, brands must be coherent in what they say and do. All the messages, all the marketing communications, all the brand experiences, and all of the product delivery need to hang together and add up to something meaningful.

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    Brands need to connect to what people care about out in the world. To build demand, they need to understand and fulfill the needs and aspirations of their intended audiences.

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    A brand that is differentiated, relevant and coherent is one that is valued by both its internal and external audiences. Esteem is the reputation a brand has earned by executing clearly on both its promised and delivered experience.

Service options

Logo design

Corporate logos are the “face” of a company that allows customers to identify with the company’s core brand. Logos are also a shorthand way of referring to the company in advertising and marketing materials.

Corporate colors

Colors are one of the most instantly recognizable elements of a corporate visual identity and promote a strong non-verbal message on the company’s behalf.

Stationary design

– Business card design
– Envelope and letter head design

Designing stationery is a part of a branding project that consists of the logo and company’s necessary information.

Corporate tools

Brochures represent you to the world and reflect your image.

Catalogue is an indispensable asset for every organization.

Posters are highly evolved communication tools that bring the best of design layout and content together.

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