Aidos Webshop design by VN Vision

Project Description

The website personal portfolio with product catalogue.

The design request was easy navigation, since the target audience is older people, keeping the colors from the logo. Keep the style smooth and clear. We chose and worked all the image on the site.

Powered by WordPress to easily update the product sections.

Project Details

  • Year:  2013
  • Category: Webdesign
  • Country: Sweden

I don’t need to tell anyone the importance of a website in our everyday life. As a small company owner I was looking for someone, who could provide a website which was a perfect match to my company. It was important for me that the layout of the site was allowing anyone who visited an easy way to find what they needed. The colors should match the company’s logo and that it was easy to add new or delete old information. This and much more I found at VN Vision. I didn’t only get the perfect website, but I also got a lot of ideas, which improved the look of the website and which also gave higher quality for my company.
This is why I highly recommend VN Vision.



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