Daxa Parmar

E-commerce Websolution

Project Description

Daxa had a very old school website built many years ago by herslef. She wanted to completely re-invent her web appearance. Her goal was to make the visitors feel calm and relaxed while browsing the site, and introduced her concept of “0”, walk through the visitor from the concept till her actual art. Since she write blogs the site needs to be easy to update by the her and safe to process payment.


We established the new color scheme and rebuilt the entire website from scratch, implementing WooCommerce for the e-commerce functionality. The achieve the best user experience the site is hosted on a reliable green hosting of our choice.
Basic SEO and security setups are in place to keep the site google friendly and safe for payment and from hacking activities. The site is maintained by VN Vision to keep it safe and secure on a daily basis.

The artist is very happy with the overall result so do we.

Project Details

  • Year:  2019
  • Category: Website redesign
  • Country: Spain

Before and after images about the project

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Without a doubt Viktoria is a dedicated, smart and highly skilled Web Designer. However, I would personally recommend Viktoria for the way she really gets to know her client. This I feel is the key to such an important collaboration such as building a site.

As I am an Artist, Viktoria spent time in my studio and with my work to really understand the essence of what I was trying to communicate. Her flexibility to respond to ideas and attention to detail is outstanding. She is a font of knowledge and not only built my site she also inputted into how my business could run more effectively with some very simple features and plug-ins. My expectations of how the site has turned out have been exceeded and I am absolutely delighted with the outcome.

I look forward to working more with VN Vision as my business grows and feel I am in extremely safe hands.

Daxa Parmar


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